Day To Night Skincare: Rachel Kavanagh

We spoke to beauty industry veteran Rachel Kavanagh, who has been 20 years in the beauty industry,  building brands for growth and is now at the forefront of Dr. David Jack's global growth strategy.

For those who don't know, Dr. David Jack is a leading London based aesthetic doctor, with 2 clinics in London and 1 in Edinburgh (and a further 2 more opening this year), whose busy work schedule inspired him to create a simplified but effective skincare regime. 

What's the best skin advice you have been given by Dr. David Jack?

Wear SPF everyday no matter the weather!! Also, In regards treatments; work with what you natural have rather than trying to create something new. David 100% taught me the ‘less is more’ approach to both treatments and skincare. He makes you look ‘well’ and like yourself. The skincare line in turn does the same, it's all about optimised ageing with complex formulations but in a simplified skincare regime. His approach just makes me feel so confident after years of struggling with bad skin its finally gone. 

Can you explain your day to night skincare routine?

It’s now ALL about simplicity for me. I used to have such bad breakouts. This means I would swap in and out actives and acne products when the spots would come. I really compromised my skin barrier and it was inflamed and sore. I committed to Dr.Jack Daily Skin Trio and his cleanser and its literally changed my skin forever. AM:
  1. Cleanse with SUPERNOVA cleansing gel, to take off retinoid from night before - so important!
  2. A strong antioxidant with GOOD MORNING Vitamin C Serum
  3. Finish with ALL DAY LONG SPF50+ moisturiser
  1. Double Cleanse with SUPERNOVA (I leave on for a few minutes on second cleanse to get benefits of actives)
  2. Retinoid Renew night cream: GOOD NIGHT

What are your weekend plans and which shoes do you plan to wear?

With 3 kids to manage, I really pair it down at the weekend but I still like to have a casual/smart ‘uniform’. My current favourite is a high waist straight leg, light blue wash jean from RAEY, and a crisp white teeshirt (COS do amazing ones, or Sezane), with a chunky long cardi, finished with my Camilla Elphick ‘Alicia’ in white with gold tip, and a big gold earring.
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