Our Mission

Our goal is to make women feel amazing, celebrating their unique style and personality with shoes that enhance their look. Fashion should be fun and expressive, and we infuse our designs with playfulness and originality.

From the beginning, we have been committed to our responsibility to the planet and creating a sustainable brand. We would like to share our current initiatives as we continue on this journey to invest and improve our environmental impact.

Our Designs

We believe in creating lasting styles that you'll love to wear again and again. That's why we meticulously craft our shoes from high-quality materials to ensure they stand the test of time. We embrace the principles of slow fashion, prioritising limited runs and small batches to reduce waste and create styles that are truly special. We take pride in the community of customers we have created, and their input remains at the forefront of our design and production decisions. In doing so, we avoid any excess by only restocking items that are in high demand and catering to our loyal customer base.

We curate collections of staple favourites and new styles based on your feedback, available for pre-order. By pre-ordering, we can produce to demand, ensuring every pair is made with care and intention, while you secure limited-edition styles that celebrate and enhance your unique style and personality.

Production Process

We work with artisan factories in Portugal where our shoes are carefully crafted to ensure high quality, lasting designs you’ll cherish forever.

Transparency is of the utmost importance to us. Our Factories only work with suppliers that subscribe to the Leather Working Group, responsible for the world’s leading environmental certification for sustainable leather sourcing. We work with vegetable dye and chrome-free leather, and reuse and recycle wherever possible.

Waste Reduction

We believe in only making what is needed. We create our collections in small batches, with the aim of selling out. This practice reduces waste and ensures our pieces are made thoughtfully and with appropriate time and care. We avoid using plastic in our manufacturing processes, and where possible choose biodegradable materials. All our brand packaging is minimal, plastic-free, and fully recyclable.