Camilla's Club: Isabel Spearman

What does a typical day in your life look like?

The beauty of being freelance is that no day is typical. One day I’m doing school drop off then working from home all day in an old sweat shirt, the next I’m on the train to London and meeting clients. I love the variety it brings and all the different teams of people I get to work with.  

What exciting projects are you working on at the moment?

I’ve just finished my latest DDE Pop Up which featured beautiful small brands and their party dresses. Soon I will start thinking about the Pop Ups for 2024 which always take months of designing, planning and curating.  

Style Inspiration?

There really hasn’t been one person, its more taking various slithers of inspiration from women I admire, usually found on instagram. For example I never think I needed a pair of red tights this season until I obsessed about Zeena Shah in hers!  

Flats Or Heels?

Can I say boots? I am 100% a boot girl and mourn them all summer. 

Brunch or Cocktails?

Cocktails as that usually demands some kind of dressing up which I love.  

My Idea of a Perfect Weekend

Not being on my phone, long cuddles with my two boys in bed in the morning and a cup of tea brought by my husband. No pressures to be anywhere at any time, some lovely sunshine and a really good pub lunch. Very simple pleasures!  

What are you favourite Camilla Elphicks and how would you style them?

I am completely addicted to your shoes as they make me feel fantastic when I wear them but they are also supremely comfortable. The Alicia are probably the most versatile and I love wearing mine with jeans and a blazer as much as dressing them up for evening with polka dot tights and a party dress.