Camilla's Club: Amelia Shean

What does a typical day in your life looklike?

Every day is pretty mixed, depending on what I have to prioritise that week. I'm lucky I travel a lot with my job, although if in London it's a mix of meetings, working remote with my clients 111SKIN and Chāmpo, and WFH to get all the 'at-computer work' done! An example of a day this week for me was:  I'll wake up, go to the gym with two key editor friends of mine. Versa Climb at BXR is my absolute fave, followed by a breakfast meeting with two female Founder entrepreneur friends of mine -excited to see what they've been getting up to. After, I'll be working remotely from the new Raffles Hotel, excited to see what that looks like. We have an event coming up there so going to have a recce beforehand, will try and cram abit of emails in before heading to the Harper's Bazaar Summit hosted at the property to hear some women speak about some really interesting topics for the rest of the day. A great networking opportunity too. Then — it’s chill time.   

What exciting projects are you working on at the moment?

Working on lots of really exciting projects at the moment. I represent two amazing brands - 111SKIN and Chāmpo. For Chāmpo the main focus is their new Pitta Hair Gummies, a super supplement containing a powerhouse of nutrients and Ayurvedic plant extracts for healthy hair fromwithin. Working towards a launch event happening in January to celebrate, alongside an exciting exclusive they have with Harrods.  For 111SKIN, we have one of our most exciting launches to date going live in January. This newness really embodies 111SKIN as a brand, surgically inspired innovation. Relentless innovators, 111SKIN has brought over a dozen firsts to the beauty industry - from introducing cryotherapy to the UK market to launching facial biocellulose masksas a new category in the Western world.  This launch will provide another first, with 111SKIN pioneering this new wave of skincare advancement in the beauty industry. Excited to share more when we can! In the meantime, we will be working towards exciting calendar moments to celebrate this launch. 

Style Inspiration?

My mum is my primary source of inspiration, she always looks glamorous and pulled together. Despite running around a lot of the time, I always take inspiration from her and this discipline.  Good quality staples form a kind of uniform I often wear for work (a lot of them handed down to me from my mum, her excellent taste has stood me in good stead) at-work off duty casual has turned into good denim, a shirt and great jumpers. Try to be efficient with my time, and often run straight from the gym so can't carry too much. Sartorial tips from from Gwyneth Paltrow, obsessed with her 90s era, and Sienna Miller of course (loved the styling of her in Netflix's Anatomy of a Scandal!) They both are beauties, and continue to look sexy, classic and cool in all eras of their lives. 

Flats or Heels?

Flats, I'm 6ft so heels have never been a vibe. I live in trainers, boots and flats.

Soundtrack of your life?

Fabulous Opera, Tom Rasmussen (I defy anyone to not listen to this song and not feel 25/10). 

My Idea of a Perfect Weekend

Vino Verde on the beach in Portugal with my family and BF. 

What are you favourite Camilla Elphicks and how would you style them?

ALICIA, ALICIA, ALICIA - I'm so obsessed with this style….Cam, you rock anyway but you absolutely nailed it when you created this style. They're flats, although the heel is just perfect enough to make you feel sexy, and stylish (as if you're in heels) even if you're not. Colours are wicked too. Also, can survive a whole night dancing to 'Fabulous Opera' - a testament to the Alicia. Highly recommend. 

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